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Herbs Historically used for Men’s Health

Throughout the centuries, there have been many herbs that men have used to improve their well-being and health. When considering men’s wellness, we need to address several factors, such as: the cardiovascular system, stress management, sleep habits, exercise support, as well as prostate and sexual health. Here are some herbs used for men’s health:

Hawthorne Berry
Hawthorne berry has been known as the Heart herb. It’s main benefits are:

  • Helps strengthen the heart muscle
  • Helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Traditionally been used to help heart failure

Nettle Leaf
Is known to support optimal prostate health and normal urinary flow. Nettle leaf is very nourishing and also is a blood purifier. It is high in iron, calcium, silicon, potassium, chloride, chlorophyll, protein and trace minerals. It also gives energy. In fact, one cup of nettle tea is a real pick- me-up!

Relieves stress and irritability and promotes relaxation. It also helps the mind settle down and helps calm racing thoughts, which can enable one to sleep better. It is very quieting and soothing to the nerves.

Cayenne is an amazing herb and has many benefits. Some of these are: prevents blood clots, reduces migraines, helps blood pressure, boosts metabolism, heals ulcers, increases energy, warms the body, reduces inflammation, helps the heart, increases circulation, and more. Cayenne is hemostatic, stimulant, alterative, and tonic. It helps with anything to do with the blood.

It has traditionally been used as a stress reliever and energy enhancer, and has been known to improve erectile dysfunction The American ginseng has adaptogenic qualities, which means that it helps normalize body functions. Gensing is also known to contain antioxidants that reduce inflammation. It can benefit brain function and increase energy and recovery from over-exertion.

Maca root (Lepidium meyenii)
Maca root has been used as a performance enhancer since the days of the Inca warriors. It supports a healthy libido and promotes energy and stamina. It is a superfood and very nutritious. Some studies show that Mac root supports male fertility by helping to maintain normal reproductive hormone levels and that it may boost sperm count as well.

Damiana is mainly known and used for sexual enhancement and to boost libido for both men and women. It is a natural aphrodisiac. It is also said to help with depression and boost mental and physical stamina.

WARNING: Feminizing herbs
There are over 300 plants that have phytoestrogenic activity. These are plant-based compounds that mimic estrogen in the body, and can be feminizing. For this reason, the following herbs should not be used by men unless for specific reasons: fenugreek, hops, wild yam, Black Cohosh, Pueraria Mirifica.

I trust this has been helpful. If you have any concerns or would like to set an appointment, please contact us.

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Amy Willis MH, CTN


About the Author

Amy Willis M.H., CTN

Master Herbalist, Board Certified Naturopath
Amy is the Owner and Founder of Herbs4You. She is a Master Herbalist from the School of Natural Healing, and Board Certified Naturopath from the American Naturopathic Medical Association. Amy has 30 years experience with herbs and 15 years experience muscle testing.