Flower Essence therapy


What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are infusions of flowers in water that bring out the healing properties of the flowers.  When ingested or applied topically, their vibration impacts the surrounding vibrations within the body. By using the flowering tops of plants in this way, we are able to impact our inner thoughts and emotions.

Everything that is alive has energy flowing through it, such as plants found in nature. The flowering tops of plants contain the pinnacle of that plant’s energy, expressed outwardly through its unique features. Just as we humans express ourselves through our outward appearance by the way we dress, style our hair, and so forth, plants express themselves through their flowers!

Thoughts and emotions are energy, and therefore have their own vibration. The energy flowing through us is positively impacted by the different energetic frequencies of these flowers. This shift in energy impacts our thoughts and emotions because they are very real, active energies with strong vibrations in the body. This is why our thoughts and emotions can sometimes feel like they overtake us, and we have lost control. This is good news, though, because this means that energy is easily impacted and changed, making flower essences an effective way to shift us out of unpleasant thoughts and emotions! 

Any type of symptom, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional, is a positive indication of what is going on below the surface to alert you to what needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, we live in a world that tells us to either attack and remove symptoms at all costs, or to ignore them and they should go away. We are not taught how to listen to how we feel, especially our emotions that are there to tell us what is best for us. Instead, we have been taught to just sweep it under the rug. Unfortunately, this has led to disease formation as well as mental and emotional challenges.

The mind and body work as one- they cannot be separated because our thoughts and emotions impact our body in a very real, physical way. We do not consider addressing our thougths and emotions when we are dealing with a physical health problem. At Herbs4You, we address every component to health, treating the WHOLE you, not just managing symptoms.

Energy Medicine

We may appear healthy, and may even be told by doctors that we are fine. We may be told that they cannot find out what the problem is, and offer you little solutions besides invasive or harmful treatments. This is because modern medicine does not consider the effect of energy in the body. We all have energy in our body, otherwise we would not be alive. This energy activates and animates the cells, tissues, organs, and everything in the body that works together to keep you alive. This energy is responsible for the beating of the heart, the automatic rhythmic pulsing of the blood vessels, the expanding and contracting of the lungs….all of the body’s processes would cease to maintain life if it wasn’t for this life force energy within them. When energy is not flowing freely throughout the body due to being blocked or stored, that life force energy cannot get to where it needs to go. The body will alert us when this has happened through feeling fatigue, pain, irritability, and so much more so we can take action. We can no longer ignore this aspect of our health if we want to achieve true health and vitality. 

The Future of Healthcare

Our current healthcare system has seen a shift back towards natural and holistic (treating the WHOLE person) rather than symptom management.  Part of this shift is recognizing the way we feel in our own bodies, and listening to those “quiet whispers” that tell us something is wrong, even when modern medicine can’t find it or treat it with man-made solutions. With flower essences, we are utilizing the energy in nature to positively impact our energy. Humans are like sponges and absorb energy from our environment, including other people. Our energy is always changing, as evidenced by our different moods, thoughts, and feelings. Taking flower essences means that you are taking in the healing energy of nature to shift your own moods, thoughts, and feelings in a positive way.

Flower Essences Made Just For You!

When you come into Herbs4You and complete a Mind & Body Wellness Consultation, you will receive your own unique blend of flower essences created just for you and your symptoms. A Mind & Body Wellness Consultation helps us to identify the underlying issue, or the root cause of your symptoms. We look at what symptoms you have and what your body is trying to communicate to you. This gives us a unique look at your internal energy and where it may be blocked or stored in your body, causing physical symptoms such as pain, fatigue, and more. 

Flower essences help us to release stuck energy wherever it is blocked or stored in the body. This may result in the following:

  • Feeling lighter or less “bogged down”
  • Having more energy
  • Responding in a neutral or objective way to things that were once “emotionally charged”
  • Having “epiphanys” or seeing things from a different perspective
  • Developing a more positive outlook on life
  • Shifting out of unpleasant moods
  • Discovering what is truly important in life
  • Becoming one’s true authentic self
  • Releasing anger, fear, or grief
  • Feeling more balanced and in control of emotions and/or thoughts
  • Achieving a sense of peace and tranquility
  • Assisting the healing of a physical health problem


We invite you to try flower essences and see for yourself the amazing things that can happen when we utilize the healing powers of nature and God’s intelligent design!

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