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Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin


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According to Helen Andelin, author of Fascinating Womanhood: How the Ideal Woman Awakens a Man’s Deepest Love and Tenderness, “The first step to a happy marriage is to understand that all life is governed by law–nature, music, art, and all of the sciences. These laws are immutable. To live in harmony with them produces health, beauty, and the abundant life. To violate them brings ugliness and destruction. Just as unwavering are the laws of human relationships. These laws are in operation even though you may not understand them. You may be happy in marriage because you obey them, or you may be unhappy because you violate them without an awareness of the laws in operation.”

Andelin goes on to say, “Through ignorance of the laws of marriage relationships, much unnecessary unhappiness exists. We find one woman happy, honored, and loved; and another–no less attractive, no less admirable, no less lovable–neglected, unhappy, and disappointed. Why? This book explains why, for it teaches the laws she must obey if she is to be loved, honored, and adored.”

The study center around the ideal woman, from a man’s point of view, the kind of woman who awakens a man’s deepest feelings of love. Within your reach is the possibility of a happy marriage… [while losing] none of your dignity, influence, or freedom…

“The role of a woman when played correctly is fulfilling, fascinating, and full of intrigue,” the author asserts.” There never need be a dull moment. Many years of experience teaching thousand of women has proven this to be true.”


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