Pfaffia (Suma Root) Tincture


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Suma root is commonly found in Brazil and other parts of South America. It’s common names are Brazilian ginseng, Suma powder, and the term ginseng can sometimes refer to Suma root as well. The scientific/botanical name for the most commonly studied form of Suma root is  Pfaffia paniculata. 


Pfaffia is a pure, concentrated extract of Suma root in an organic cane alcohol base.

In modern Brazilian herbal medicine practices, Suma root is employed as a cellular oxygenator and taken to stimulate appetite and circulation, increase estrogen production, balance blood sugar levels, enhance the immune system, strengthen the muscular system, and enhance memory.

In North American herbal medicine, Suma root is used as an adaptogenic and regenerative tonic regulating many systems of the body; as an immunostimulant; to treat exhaustion and chronic fatigue, impotence, arthritis, anemia, diabetes, cancer, tumors, mononucleosis, high blood pressure, PMS, menopause, and hormonal disorders, and many types of stress.


Thomas Bartram, in his book Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine, reports that Suma is used in Europe to restore nerve and glandular functions, to balance the endocrine system, to strengthen the immune system, for infertility, menopausal, and menstrual symptoms, to minimize the side effects of birth control medications, for high cholesterol, to neutralize toxins, and as a general restorative tonic after illness.


Not suggested during pregnancy.

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