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Blood Dirt


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This is our amazing Herbal Vitamin Powder. In 2011, after researching different herbal mixes and testing how much to use of each, I formulated this mixture. Now, after seeing its benefits and effectiveness, I am amazed. It has muscle-tested positive for several weaknesses, including thyroid, adrenal, liver, stomach, intestines, heart, lungs, kidney and bladder. This herbal vitamin powder has also muscle-tested to strengthen food sensitivities and areas where there is pain or even a brain tumor. After avoiding the foods they are sensitive to and faithfully taking the Blood Dirt, several people have only after a month, muscle-tested strong with the very food that made them weak.

Blood Dirt contains 9 herbs:  

  • Oatstraw is a great source for the major minerals, such as magnesium and calcium. It builds and strengthens the bones and teeth, and is essential to a healthy nervous system.
  • Beetroot is full of nutrition and has high levels of anti-carcinogens. It fights against certain oxidative stress. They are a powerful cleanser and builder of the blood.
  • Bilberry fruit has great anti-aging properties that improves visual ability and is useful in preventing and treating glaucoma because it strengthens connective tissue and prevents free-radical damage. It also reduces inflammation and pain and relieves muscle spasm.
  • Nettle leaf is a very nutritious herb, which has a significant amount of vitamin C, A, calcium, silicon, potassium, chloride, chlorophyll, and protein. It stimulates hair growth, is a blood purifier, increases the efficiency of the liver and kidneys, and has been used to treat asthma, ulcers, bronchitis, jaundice nephritis, and hemorrhoids.
  • Burdock root is a great blood purifier and can eliminate toxins in the system. It is good for skin problems as it helps clean the liver.
  • Hawthorne berries  is known as the heart herb. It regulates high and low blood pressure, arrhythmic heartbeat, and irregular pulse, prevents hardening of the arteries, treats arteriosclerosis, and cools inflammation of the heart muscle. Used regularly, it can strengthen the heart muscle and the nerves to the heart. No other herb provides the same nourishing regeneration to the heart.
  • Horsetail contains the highest amount of silicon. Silicon is needed for manufacturing collagen which gives elasticity and suppleness to the skin and strengthens the bones, hair, and nails.
  • Eleuthero (ginseng) root contains compounds that help the body respond more quickly to stress. It has been used to treat depression, fatigue, debility, stress, lethargy, and immune deficiency. It has shown to increase endurance, and improve memory and appetite.
  • Ginkgo leaf is the brain food herb. It is also an excellent source for iron, calcium, and Vitamin C. Studies has shown that it effectively increases blood circulation. It is said to increase energy, antioxidant effects, better concentration, and improve memory.

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