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About Herbs4You

We want to do more than just sell the best natural herbs and herbal supplements on the market. Our goal is to teach you and enable you to learn healthy ways, so that you and your family can enjoy better health and vitality.

MY Story

Ever since I can remember, I always wanted to become a nurse. Then in my early teens, I decided that I could better help people by being a doctor, so I began to study. I read anything that I could find in the area of health and healing. This included medical encyclopedias and dictionaries. I still have the notes that I took when I was 14.

My parents were missionaries in Japan, so not a lot of material was available, but our old medical dictionary was invaluable. It used the old-time skill of symptomatic diagnosis without the modern high tech. By the time we came to America for a furlough, at the age of 15, I could look at people and tell what their physical problem was. Please understand that at that time in Japan where we lived, the Western diet did not have much influence and most Japanese were slim, had straight teeth, no acne, and not much visual manifestations of the deterioration of health. Even now, the Japanese are a country whose people live long.

During my late teens, my study of medicine took a turn into natural health. The book Back to Eden by the great apostle of natural health and healing, Dr. Jethro Kloss, was a true inspiration to me. By then I had realized the fallacies of much of modern medicine, and was thrilled to learn from someone who actually used natural methods to heal people.

That was around 30 years ago, and since then, I have enjoyed using natural healing on myself and my family. I often wild-crafted herbs, made tinctures, teas, and other homemade remedies. Experimentally, I continued to learn the art of natural healing.

Then in 2011, I started Herbs4You, mainly selling herbs and herbal mixes. Interest was great, and I decided that I needed to become a certified herbalist.   After researching different options, I enrolled in The School of Natural Healing in 2012. This is the oldest herbalist school in the United States, founded by Dr. John Christopher. I finished the three year course in 1.5 years and went to the Master Herbalist Seminar in June of 2014.  The quality of education and information that I gained from this course was invaluable. Now, I continue to expand my knowledge in on-going education in order to help more people gain health and vitality.

Amy Willis M.H.

Owner and Founder of Herbs4You


Things to Know!

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Tea Time!

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Do You Know?

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Gardening with Herbs

“He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herbs for the service of man," Psalm 104:14 In Botany, an herb is defined as any seed-bearing plant that does not have a woody stem and dies down to the ground after flowering. This could include a large variety of...


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