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botanical medicine consultation

Amy Willis is a Master Herbalist from the School of Natural Healing, the oldest herbalist school founded by Dr. John Christopher. Amy has been using herbs for over 30 years, and has been offering Botanical Medicine Consultations for over 10 years in Sioux Falls.

Herbs work in very specific ways, such as targeting a specific organ or bodily function. But they also work in more gradual ways to help improve the general functioning of the body and get to the root cause of the ailment. Many times the root cause is the result of several different organs or bodily systems not working properly, or a lack of communication between them. This is why a Botanical Medicine Consultation with a Master Herbalist is important to have. Our Master Herbalist Amy Willis helps identify the root causes of your health concerns, and understands where communication has broken down. As a Board Certified Naturopath and Nutritional Herbologist, Amy is trained in natural health and provides you with a wide range of health information and product recommendations. 

Herbs can be both nutritional and medicinal. There are many different herbs that can be used for the same purpose. In fact, herbs have primary, secondary, and tertiary actions, which means that they have properties that they may not even be known for because it is not their primary action. This causes “side effects” that are actually helpful, not harmful! A general rule when deciding on which herbs to use is to use herbs that are grown locally in your region. We mostly use western herbs that are typically grown in the Midwest.

There are many ways to incorporate herbs into your diet and lifestyle:

Tinctures – herbs are preserved in food grade alcohol to make a liquid tincture.

Bulk Herbs – herbs are dried and used to make your own herbal products or teas.

Capsules – herbs are dried and placed into capsules for easy consumption.

Teas – herbs are dried and steeped in hot water.

Mixes and Powders – herbs are dried and ground up so they can be added to soups and smoothies.

Topical Applications – lotions, creams, serums, and sprays allow us to absorb the benefits of herbs through the skin.

At Herbs4You, we offer all of these forms of herbal medicine. We formulate our own herbal tinctures, teas, powders, and topical applications to give you a variety of options and to meet your specific health needs. We also carry name brand vitamins, supplements, herbal products, and essential oils. 


Cost of Botanical Medicine Consultations:

1 hour: $85
30 min: $45

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