Emotional Stress Release

Our emotions are a vital part of our health. Some doctors claim that 80-90% of those hospitalized are suffering from health challenges that stem from emotional problems. Most of us have heard of someone having a heart attack after a fit of rage, and others who have suffered from a nervous breakdown. These are rather dramatic examples of how our emotions affect us physically, but what about those who suffer from insomnia, tension headaches, depression or anxiety, indigestion, chronic fatigue, heart murmurs, hormonal imbalances, or weak immunity?  How much our emotions affect our well-being and health is yet to be fully understood, but it is certain that our emotion do affect us, probably more than we realize.

What are Emotions

Emotion is the first language that we learn. Think about it. As a child, we learned to associate the emotion displayed from others, primarily our parents, to what they were dealing with, talking about, or how they responded towards us or a stimulus. We then associate emotions to words, and words to ideas. Before we could say words, whenever our mother smiled, hugged us, and said, “I love you”, we developed a concept of what love was.

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Good emotions like love, joy, peace, contentment, forgiveness, and such, are healthy for us, but it is the negative emotions and feelings that can cause problems. An emotion is organized matter, protein informational-like structures, which are stored throughout our body. Unresolved or negative emotions can block a person. By muscle-testing, these hidden emotions can be found and unblocked, thus releasing the stress of negative thoughts and emotions. Any type of chronic emotion, feeling, or life pattern is an unresolved emotional matrix. Through Emotional Stress Release, these can be released and balance can be restored.

Kate Levinson, PhD, states about Emotions and feelings: “Emotions are spontaneous, subjective reactions that we cannot consciously will. Not only can we not will them, we are not even aware of most of our emotional reactions until we put some effort into paying attention to them. Once we are familiar with an emotional response, we are able to identify it more easily when it occurs again.”

In this fast-paced, stressful culture in which we live, we know that stress is very common, and that is why now at Herbs4You, we are offering Emotional Stress Release.

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