Natural Beauty Program

If you use regular, store bought beauty products, then you have been putting potentially harmful ingredients into your body. Over-the-counter beauty items, such as make-up, lotions, and creams are not federally regulated. This means that there are no safety standards on what can be put into these products. Since we have not fully come to understand the effects of these un-regulated and un-tested ingredients, including additives, preservatives, and chemicals, it is better to be safe than sorry. Especially since we have seen the rates of skin cancer and other health problems steadily increase over time. 

Natural Alternatives 

There are many safe, natural alternatives that have been used for thousands of years before we began using store-bought, man-made products for our health and beauty. At Herbs4You, we use 100% top-quality, natural ingredients in our own skin care products, as well as those we sell from trusted companies in the natural health industry.


Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

Our skin is a vital reflection of our health. Clear and unblemished skin is not only beautiful, but it also reflects what is going on inside. As our body’s largest organ, it’s primary purpose is to protect our body from infection and invasion. It also sends important messages to our brain, and helps us develop through our sense of touch. This has an emotional and a psychological impact on us. The skin also cleanses impurities from our body by eliminating them through our sweat, and is even considered our third kidney. Keeping our skin healthy should be a priority for anyone, not just those wanting to appear younger and more beautiful. This is why we utilize nutritional support to build healthy skin from the inside out.

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Natural Beauty Program

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Our Natural Beauty Program consists of daily healing and rebuilding with natural products, time-tested techniques, and the latest tools in skin care. We also address your internal health with muscle testing and consultation to discuss what health problems may need to be addressed, and what products can help. 

Each person can choose what part of the program they would like to follow and what products they would like to purchase. There is no requirement to purchase all of our recommended products or services. Therefore, the price of this program depends on how closely you follow our recommendations.

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