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Rejuvenates the skin and promotes collagen production. Use after cleaning the face in the evening due to some ingredients causing photosensitivity.  It leaves the skin feeling soft and fresh. You can spray it directly on face or put on cotton and wipe face. Made locally using high quality botanicals.
New & Improved with Hibiscus, Chamomile, and Geranium Rose Essential Oil!

Witch Hazel – anti-inflammatory, tightens skin, and may reduce appearance of dark under eye circles.
Comfrey – boosts growth of new skin cells, soothes skin, and may prevent scarring.
Chickweed – soothing, cooling, hydrating, and healing.
Chamomile – antioxidant, improves skin quality and appearance, and soothes sensitive skin.
Hibiscus – prevents premature aging, reduces pores, moisturizes, improves skin appearance, and promotes collagen production.
Lavender Essential Oil – soothes skin, promotes healing, and prevents wrinkles.
Tea Tree Essential Oil – known for its antiseptic properties. Purifies and heals.
Peppermint Essential Oil – soothes inflammation, irritation, and itchiness. Wound healing.
Geranium Rose Essential Oil – antibacterial, tightens skin, promotes healing, and prevents scarring.

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