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Are You STUCK?

Let's discuss fight-or-flight programming and how it can be brought into balance. What Is Fight-or-Flight Programming?The fight-or-flight response is the body's way of protecting itself from a perceived threat and involves switching the focus over to certain bodily...

NEW BrainTapping Now Available!

We are excited to introduce the BrainTap system for mind and body wellness! What Is BrainTapping?The BrainTap system was developed by Dr. Patrick Porter, a leader in the field of neuroscience and mindfulness. It involves audio and visual stimulation using a special...

Functional Liver Health

Spring is on the way, which means it's time for a Spring Cleaning! Functional MedicineFunctional medicine differs from traditional medicine in that it looks closely at the functioning of various organs and bodily systems, and how they impact each other. The liver is a...

The LDM Story

This week we are sharing the story behind the LDM-100 Tincture. What is LDM?LDM stands for Lomatium dissectum. This is a plant from the parsley family that grows along the slopes of the Sierra-Nevada Mountains. The root has historically been used by Native Americans...

About DNA

This week we are discussing DNA. What is DNA?DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA is a molecule that holds genetic information similar to instructions or codes on how the body makes vital proteins responsible for growth, development, and overall wellness. DNA...