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Great toner to clean and rejuvenate the skin. Use after washing the face in the morning and before applying make-up. It leaves the skin feeling soft and fresh. You can spray it directly on face or put on cotton and wipe face. Made locally using high quality botanicals.
New & Improved with Organic Brown Rice and Lemongrass Essential Oil!

Witch Hazel – anti-inflammatory, tightens skin, and may reduce appearance of dark under eye circles.
Organic Brown Rice – improves appearance of skin, reduces blemishes, exfoliating, and promotes cell growth.
Comfrey – boosts growth of new skin cells, soothes skin, and may prevent scarring.
Lemongrass Essential Oil – reduces excess oil on the skin. Tones and tightens.
Tea Tree Essential Oil – known for its antiseptic properties. Purifies and heals.

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