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Spring is a great time to Detox.  It is the body’s natural time that it throws off the old sluggishness from winter and needs to get a fresh start.  So how can you tell if YOU need to Detox.  Here are a few signs.

Fatigue –  muscle aches, joint pain, and just plain being tired is a good sign the body is needing to get rid of some toxins. This can be anything from general lack of energy, to severe pain and even chronic fatigue syndrome-like symptoms. In fact, a 2013 joint investigation found that the presence of mycotoxins (stemming from water-based mold) was a factor in over 90% of chronic fatigue cases studied.

Brain Fog –  cognitive impairment is probably the most unknown yet most common indication that a detox is needed. This includes not thinking clearly, a lack of motivation that persists, to severe anxiety or depression.

Body Odor – increased body odor, increased fecal odor, and bad breath are usually signs that the liver is congested and the body needs a detox. The main way that toxins get excreted from inside the body is through the bowels and urine. When these are not functioning properly body odor can develop.

Chemical Sensitivities –  When we develop sensitivity to chemical toxins, this really is our body saying  “I’ve had enough.”  We are over-loaded with toxins, and eventually our body will not be able to continue to handle the bombardment of such, and will show signs of sensitivity.

Other Signs of Toxic Over-load

  • trouble sleeping
  • problems or pain during menstruation
  • food cravings
  • sinus issues
  • bloating and gas
  • skin issues and acne
  • headaches
  • constipation or diarrhea
  • dark circles under the eyes

The Solution

The solution of course is to cleanse the body and do a good detox.  Although there are many detox programs out there, not all are as effective and take care of the problems effectively.  We have several herbal products that can help detox the body, but the best whole body program that I have found is Shred 10.  Many have had great results.  Our next Shred 10 is coming up. See below for more details.

We’re Here to Help YOU!
Amy Willis
Your local herbalist