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Leviticus 17:11 states that God declared “the life of the flesh is in the blood.” This was made alarming clear during Lynell Hage’s BEMER Information Meeting where she taught us about the energy making factories that are our bodies. In order to sustain energy flowing throughout the body creating life and movement and expression, the body has to create its own energy. This is done in the mitochondria of the cells. We have no energy reserve like a fuel tank, the cells have to constantly make it out of sugar and oxygen. That means we need to constantly be putting air and fuel into our bodies.


Input = Output

When we do not put good quality air or fuel in, our cells are not given the basic tools they need to do their job. They are struggling and will let you know that there is a problem so you can give them what they need. Our cells need clean air and fuel from nature, such as fruits, vegetables, and herbs because these are their basic building blocks. When they do not get what they need, they need to work harder. Lynell taught us that it takes 70% of the cell’s energy just to keep it alive, because the cell’s “prime directive” is to stay alive. This means that only 30% of that cell’s energy is left towards doing its job. When the cells do not get what they need to do their job, it requires more of them and stresses them out. They work harder to try and meet that need without those resources, or to “make due” with what they have. That means more fatigue, pain, and a host of other problems.


Toxic Overload

Unfortunately, we live in a toxic environment where the air is polluted and our food supply is polluted and not natural, therefore the cells do not recognize it as fuel. Instead, it is a toxin. We cannot escape our toxic lifestyle completely, because some factors we just cannot control. We have to look towards what we CAN control. This is where the BEMER comes in. The BEMER gives off energy (10 and 30 HZ) which is then used by the cells and assists the vaso-motion of the blood vessels, an automatic rhythmic pulsing that pumps the blood throughout the body. Every system in the body is dependent on the circulatory system, because every part of the body needs blood. Without blood, which transports the oxygen and fuel, for more than 6 minutes, those cells will die. The life of the flesh truly is in the blood!


Learning this from Lynell helps us to better understand how the BEMER can help us with the following: 

  • Improve general blood flow

  • Improve the body’s nutrient and oxygen supply

  • Assist the body’s removal of waste and toxins 

  • Improve cardiac function

  • Increase energy, endurance, strength, and physical fitness

  • Improve concentration and mental acuity

  • Reduce stress and increase relaxation

  • Enhance athletic performance

  • Improve sleep quality

When our bodies do not get the good in, and the bad out, our cells go into survival mode just to maintain functioning. If we want to achieve vitality, and go beyond just getting by, then we must take action to give our cells what they need. 


Read more about the BEMER on our website, or stop into Herbs4You to experience the BEMER Benefit for yourself! 

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* Juice Plus is another way to provide our cells with what they need- fruits and vegetables! Juice Plus is whole food nutrition, so this is the equivalent to eating the recommended 13 servings a day! This is an easy way to nourish and repair at the cellular level, leading to a host of benefits for your health! This is also a great option for children! Contact us to learn more!