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People who seek the truth have a deep-seated desire to know, learn, understand, and reflect on accurate information. Truth-seekers gather data from many sources, search for credibility and demand facts. The truth may not always be comfortable or even evident for that matter, and often arises from conflict. Truth is the pursuit of knowledge with openness of mind. Truth matters to us as individuals and to society as a whole. In the Bible, John 8:32 states, “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” There is something about knowing the truth that gives us power. It is time to seek the truth before it is too late.

Are You a Truth-Seeker?

If so, you may have already stumbled across Dr. Rashid Buttar. He has been a strong voice in social media regarding health freedoms and bringing facts to the public. I became a fan of Dr. Buttar’s a few years ago when I heard him speak in the docu-series, “The Truth About Cancer,” and more recently in “The Truth About Vaccines.” I have found him to be well-spoken, highly intelligent, credible, and truly a wealth of knowledge. Dr. Buttar has been named one of the top 50 doctors in the United States by Phillips Publishing, and has held this title since 2003. Dr. Buttar is the founder of The Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research in Cornelius, NC which specializes in adddressing the needs of patients suffering from Chronic Disease, “Treatment Failures,” “Difficult to Diagnose” conditions, Cancer, Autism, Cardiovascular Disease, Neurogedenterative Disease, Environmental Toxicity, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Chemical Toxicity and Metabolism Disorders. He also has a special interest in Preventative Medicine, Longevity Medicine and Performance Enhancement. Dr. Buttar and his staff have effectively treated patients from 93 countries who had been “given up on.” Look up his credentials. There are more.

False news has become all too common on social media, and Dr. Buttar is an excellent source of truthful information. He has been speaking out on a world-wide platform regarding a number of health subjects including Covid-19, mask-wearing, censorship, possible upcoming mandatory vaccines, plus numerous other pertinent topics. Dr. Buttar, along with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, Del Bigtree, Dr. Robert Scott Bell, Dr. Suzanne Humphries, Ty and Charlene Bollinger, Dr. Judy Mikovits, and many others have been working tirelessly to bring facts to the world regarding many of these issues. According to Dr. Buttar, you cannot be victimized once you have become aware.

I wanted to share some notes with you from from a YouTube livestream video broadcast on May 4, 2020, 7:23 p.m. by Dr. Buttar (if you would like to look it up).
Dr. Buttar refers to a recent round-table discussion with a number of speakers from “The Truth About Vaccines,” in which Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., (Founder of Children’s Health Defense Fund) and Del Bigtree, (Founder of ICAN – I Can Decide), are speaking out about a possible mandatory vaccines for Covid-19. Dr. Buttar claims that 99.999% of people do not know this information, perhaps only 100-200 people, and this is why I would like to share it with you.


Up-coming Vaccines
According to Dr. Buttar, there are approximately 120 different companies all vying to get a Covid-19 vaccine on the market, and currently around 80 of these vaccines coming to market. Bill Gates (software developer, investor, philanthropist – and no medical degree) is now the largest vaccine manufacturer. He has his hands in all vaccine manufacturing companies, especially the top 3 manufacturers. You may have heard of a company called Moderno. It’s been mentioned a lot in the news lately. Moderno was about 1.5 billion dollars in debt and near bankruptcy. Bill Gates was funding the company to get it back on its feet. He and Dr. Anthony Fauci (Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease – and always on the news), pulled the company out of near bankruptcy. Dr. Fauci has earmarked Moderno for the vaccine that has the highest chance of coming to market.

Why is this concerning?
1. Moderno has never brought a single product to market.
2. Moderno has never brought a vaccine to market.
3. Moderno has bypassed all animal testing.
4. Moderno is planning the first of it’s kind, RNA vaccination.


RNA Versus DNA
Dr. Buttar explains that our genetic code is encased in a double-helix strand called the DNA. There is another component that helps re-write the DNA component and that is called the RNA. Viruses are fragments of DNA and RNA. Viruses exist inside our cells. These DNA and RNA fragments get back into the cell, become incorporated within our DNA structure and re-write certain parts of the DNA in order to help us adapt to our environment and adjust to environmental triggers. It is the adaptation of the DNA and RNA that helps us respond to our environment. There has never been an RNA vaccine. Moderno is planning to create an RNA vaccine that will introduce RNA fragments into our system. Dr. Buttar claims that the RNA will get incorporated inside our DNA and literally re-write our DNA (our human genetic code). It will basically take the human system and make it into something else. According to Dr. Buttar,

This is going to be “Generationally CATASTROPHIC!”

It is because we have no idea of what the implications will be. He claims it will replicate in a “domino reaction” by adulterating and mutating our DNA. It will change how our systems evolve. In fact, the “guinea pigs” who are volunteering for this vaccine have strict regulations not to have sexual relations because they do not want them to produce any children. Basically, the world would then see the potential result of the vaccine and how it changes the DNA. This is truly the most disturbing information Dr. Buttar has learned in the last five years of his life! One of the Moderno researchers blankedly stated that he would “never take the vaccine”!

In a January 2017 speech, given at Georgetown University by Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Fauci warned members of the incoming Trump administration of a “surprise outbreak” of a new disease. Dr. Fauci called on the Trump Administration to prepare the US for such challenges before they arise, by improving global health-surveillance systems, investing in research and setting aside emergency funds. Do you question why Dr. Fauci would say this in 2017?

Dr. Fauci has already said their is going to be a “second wave.” How would he know all of this ahead of time? Dr. Buttar states that this would create the “perfect storm” for an excuse for more mandates, more lockdowns, rolling out their new vaccine and making it mandatory for all! During this same time, there is a plan to roll out the new technology of 5-G, which is another complicated issue in and of itself. 5-G has been marketed to the masses as faster internet for movies and games. You will not hear that it’s real purpose is for artificial intelligence. According to Dr. Buttar, a new vaccine on board the physiology of already toxic people, many of whom already have fragments of foreign proteins, aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury from flu shots and routine vaccinations, is a recipe for disaster, plus the additional radiation of 5-G technology added to the poison. Vast illness will spread and it will be blamed on those who do not take the vaccination. The people who protest the vaccine will be quarantined.


Is This Fact or Fiction?
I know this is a lot to digest and it seems pretty “far out” there. Maybe its time for you to seek the truth and then decide.

Take a look at this link, which is 166 doctors discussing Covid-19:

You can also find multiple videos on Dr. Rashid Buttar’s FaceBook page. – is a new platform that does not censor information, so you might want to check it out.


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Sue Froschheuser M.H.

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