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This tea is delicious and effective.  It is a simple combination of peppermint, sage, and catnip.  Historically, these herbs are known to help with pain.  But you don’t have to have a headache to enjoy this delicious tea.  It is safe for children and delicious hot or cold. Try a cup and see how you like it.


Peppermint gives our tea a wonderful flavor.   Peppermint is known to be good for strengthening the heart muscle, the nerves, and the entire body. It helps with overall pain and nausea, and is good for dizziness and fainting. It is aromatic, carminative (aides in dispelling gas), and rubefaceint (dilates capillaries and increases blood circulation).  It helps with digestion, by increasing the acid in the stomach.  It is also a stimulant that is much better than coffee because coffee is hard on the nerves, hinders digestion, and weakens the heart muscle.  

Catnip is wonderful for all ages, even small children and infants, and useful in pain of any kind. It is a mild nervine and has been used to treat colic, anxiety, and nervousness. Catnip is a traditional cold and flu remedy as well. It helps relieve fevers by inducing sleep while producing perspiration without increasing the heat of the system.  It can also be used to treat diarrhea. This harmless remedy may be taken freely.

Sage has many benefits. It is said to be good for the liver and blood, strengthens the muscles, increases urination, restores hair color, strengthens digestion, helpful with painful joints, helps to restore memory, helps to relieve fevers, and is a tonic for the nervous system that.



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