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Sleep is vital to our performance.   This is a continuation from last weeks study on the 6 causes of sleep problems.  First of all, I want to look at another aspect of the need for adequate sleep. Studies done with athletes has found that by sleeping more, the benefits to athletes were equal to performance-enhancing drugs or years of additional training. This is BIG!!  In one study, the Cardinal’s men’s basketball team did a test where for two weeks, the players’ athletic performance was assessed after getting their normal amount of sleep, which averaged 6.5 hours per night. Then, for 5-7 weeks the players extended their sleep time as much as possible, which was around 8.5 hours per night. It was reported that, “The results were startling. By the end of the extra-sleep period, players had improved their free throw shooting by 11.4 percent and their three-point shooting by 13.7 percent. There was an improvement of 0.7 seconds on the 282-foot sprint drill—every single player on the team was quicker than before the study had started. A 13-percent performance enhancement is the sort of gain that one associates with drugs or years of training—not simply making sure to get tons of sleep. This research strongly suggests that most athletes would perform much better with more sleep…”[1]If athletes can improve their performance by sleeping more, the same will apply to us as well.

6 Root Causes
Without finding the root cause for sleep problems, the solutions and remedies will only be hit-and-miss.  Through the years, I have found that there are 6 main causes for sleep problems, these are:

  • Glandular
  • Heart problems
  • Nervous system 
  • Brain
  • Hormonal 
  • Liver

Last week, I covered the first three, now I will speak on the last three.

Brain –   When the brain is damaged, often there will be a problem with sleep.  Our brain is very fragile, and can be damaged easily.  Different ways in which the brain is damaged which can cause sleep disturbances are:  concussions, drugs, radiation such as cell phones, Wifi,, 5G, sleeping pills, any mind altering drugs,   Solution MInd Trak also radiation blocking devices.  

Hormonal – This is mainly for women especially during menopause.  During this time, the body’s hormones are changing and it can disrupt one’s sleep.  Solution:  Menocream, Hormonal change ease, or Change-o-LIfe 

Liver – The liver dumps around 2 am, and if a person wakes up during this time, there could be a liver problem.  The liver has a lot of functions, and often it gets weak over time and needs to get cleaned out and supported. Solution Liver tincture, lemon water in the morning

I trust this has helped you.  If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, please call or contact me. 

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Amy Willis, M.H., CN


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