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Building our immunity and strength is vital during this time that we are exposed to numerous toxins and pathogens.

   The past few weeks, I have been helping my parents move into a home and taking care of their various needs.  My parents did get the C—d shot in the spring of last year without me knowing about it.  Though they only got the first shot, I noticed a marked decline in their health and cognitive ability.  I encouraged them to take things that would off set the damage, but I later found out that they did not do most of it.  

Since, I’ve been around them more these past weeks, I noticed a pain in my left ovary region.  I tested a few products, and found a simple solution that was rather surprising.  

Super Nutrition
Good nutrition is key to health.  A long-time client told me what she was doing to off set all the damages from C—d.  She doubled her dose of Juice+, all three:  fruit, vegetables, and berry.   Even though she is constantly around those who have gotten the death shot, at work and home, she is doing well.  In fact,  I’ve been impressed with her scores and overall great health. 

So I tested the Juice+ products for  my ovary.  The vegetable was good, but the strongest was the berry.  It scored 100!!! 

Below is more information on Juice+.  I strongly encourage everyone to take it.   


Clinical Studies
It is recommended that we consume 9-12 servings of fruit & vegetables every day.  Yet, this can be hard and expensive.  This is where Juice+ fills the gap.  In fact, there are studies showing how Juice+ protects our DNA.  This is amazing as our DNA is such a vital component to our health and life itself.  

Combined results from several studies show that Juice Plus+ protects DNA from oxidation, supporting its structural integrity. Research on nutrition and gene interactions demonstrated that several genes were changed beneficially after Juice Plus+ intervention. These include genes that affect lipid, glucose and energy metabolism.


Other Benefits

  • An increase in T fighter cells, which is very important for cancer patients or survivors;
  • Support and strengthening of the immune system;
  • Help to protect DNA from oxidative stress. (Studies show 66% decrease in damage to DNA in 80 days);
  • Increase in natural killer cells;
  • Reduction in Homocysteine, which is more important than cholesterol for heart attack and stroke.

Many have experienced a positive effect from taking Juice Plus+. The four most common results people have noticed are that they sleep better, have more energy, are more regular, and don’t get sick as often. Please contact me for more information or to order Juice+. 

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Amy Willis M.H., CN


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Amy Willis M.H.

Master Herbalist
Amy is the Owner and Founder of Herbs4You. She is a Master Herbalist from the School of Natural Healing. Amy has 30 years experience with herbs and 15 years experience muscle