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Learn how BrainTap can help with weight loss.

Blocks to Weight Loss
There is a lot that goes into losing weight. It is more than eating healthy and exercising. There is a mental and emotional component that impacts us. Even if we really want to lose weight, we may be lacking motivation, but we can change our motivation. If we address the blocks to reaching our goals, then our motivation can be increased. These blocks are not meant to be eliminated, but instead understood, because most of the time, they are rooted in fear. The fear is there to keep us safe, so they are very difficult to ignore or get rid of. Here are some examples of fear-based thoughts:


  • For some people, losing weight and becoming healthy may be problematic because this can create issues between themself and their spouse, other family members, or friends because they no longer share the same lifestyle, goals, or values. There may be fear-based beliefs that others will not love or like you anymore, and maybe even a fear that you will end up alone.
  • If you lose weight, will you be safe in your new body?  You could become more attractive, and this could make others of the same gender jealous of you, or it may lead members of the opposite gender to “come on” to you.  Deep-rooted fears may exist if you have not been taught healthy boundaries, self-worth, and communication skills. If you do not have these skills, then your body-mind may be trying to do the “right” thing and protect you, particularly if you have been sexually abused in the past.
  • If you lose weight, will this align with your sense of self?  Losing weight means that you want to be someone who is healthy and happy. If you don’t see yourself as such, then you may have deep-rooted beliefs that you will never be “good enough” or healthy or happy. It is easier to stay in your comfort zone and believe the things that you have believed your whole life, rather than totally change your self-concept. This can be scary because it can feel like you never really knew yourself.

The Good News
The good news is that we can overcome these blocks by addressing them. The feelings that come with these fear-based beliefs are not good, but we have the ability to change how we feel through the beliefs that we hold, because energy follows thought. This is the science behind the BrainTap System, and is why BrainTap helps people lose weight by increasing their motivation and helping them adjust their self-concept to a more realistic picture. 

Weight Loss Sessions
A Weight Loss BrainTap session involves listening to a recording of progressive relaxation and guided imagery, and viewing the lights that aid the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. This tells the brain and body to enter relaxation mode and get out of fight-or-flight mode. This state is receptive to healing and increasing our motivation by feeling positive about losing weight rather than fearful. A session lasts around 15-30 minutes long and can be done every day. The more we use BrainTap, the more our motivation will increase, and the more positive we will feel about ourselves. Eating healthy and exercising will become behaviors that we WANT to do, rather than HAVE to do. Our resistance to change will diminish, and energy levels and drive to reach goals will improve. There are many different weight loss sessions to choose from, and the Herbs4You staff will help you decide which sessions are right for you.

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Amy Willis MH, CTN


About the Author

Amy Willis M.H., CTN

Master Herbalist, Board Certified Naturopath
Amy is the Owner and Founder of Herbs4You. She is a Master Herbalist from the School of Natural Healing, and Board Certified Naturopath from the American Naturopathic Medical Association. Amy has 30 years experience with herbs and 15 years experience muscle testing.