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Here is a message from Dr. Eversage:
I’m going to tell you a true story with a patient that just happened yesterday. It will illustrate a lot of principles that I tell my patients all the time. An elderly woman comes into the office. She is fairly slim, not overweight, age 64. She seems to be getting around ok. She has forward head posture and her neck seems stiff. As many of you know I don’t chit chat when a patient comes in for the first time, I immediately ask “How’s the body doing?” 

She tells me she has migraines frequently and that her neck is often in pain. She had a serious head injury when she was young. Every time she picks something heavy up like a bucket or bag of groceries she gets numbness and tingling down the arm and it triggers a migraine headache. 

She tells me she’s looking for another chiropractor because every time she goes to be adjusted they lay her face down on the drop table, punch her vertebrae towards the floor, flip her over and use an activator on her neck driving the cervical vertebrae forward. They tell her something is wrong with her cranium but they don’t know what nor how to treat it. They make the profound statement that they think her headaches might be coming from her head!

She gets up, leaves the office, and goes home where she lies in bed for a week with headaches and neck pain from the chiropractic adjustments. She knows the chiropractic treatments are not helping her but she keeps doing it because there are no other options that she is aware of. 

She asks, “can you help me?”

So, I tell her the obvious. “I’m not going to adjust your neck at all today but I will adjust C-7 (the vertebra at the base of the neck). Your entire neck is out of alignment and forward because C-7 has gone anterior. Because the entire neck sits on top of C-7, it has all slipped forward. It makes no sense to adjust anything above C-7 because it is all a compensation and a reaction to what C-7 is doing. The entire neck, being anterior, is pulling on your brain stem and the meninges in your head giving you migraines.  When you pick up something heavy with your arms it pulls C-7 forward even more and this is triggering your symptoms.”

What I say next causes her eyes to narrow and the wheels in her head to start spinning. “All of the chiropractors you’ve seen in your life have missed this simple observation. They have been adjusting you wrong. By laying you face down on the table and slamming your vertebrae towards the floor they have been making you worse because they are pushing the vertebrae anterior. By using the activator on your neck they also have been adjusting your cervical vertebrae anterior or in a direction that your body cannot self correct because there are no muscles back there to pull the vertebrae backwards. They are largely responsible for your pain all of these years.”

She is mentally understanding what I am saying and the light bulb is going on. I tell her, “I am going to adjust C-7, T-4, and L-5 because they are all part of the same pattern that you are exhibiting. Then I am going to do NCR on your head to help correct the head injury you had years ago.”

I adjust her C-7 and I hear 5 or 6 bones crunch into place. She had needed that for years and was suffering and in pain because of it. I did T-4 and L-5 and they all went easily. We did her NCR balloon and her head cracked like there was no tomorrow. Instantly, color went to her face. When she stood up she was upright and not bent over. Her body was starting to unwind. I asked her, “How do you feel?”  “I feel so much better; better than I’ve felt in years.”

“Good”, I tell her. “Now, you’ve found someone who can fix your body.” She walked out of the office a happy camper and full of hope for the first time in years. 

You know what I call this – a miracle. And, it happens every day with NCR. The world is crying for this treatment and very few doctors know how to do it. 

Do you have someone in your life – friend, family – that is suffering and can finally get out of the pain that has been tormenting them for years? Let’s get rid of some of this pain in the community and get people unwound and upright again – pain free – with a spring and some joy in their step.  

Change a life and send some people to Dr. Ben for NCR. For more information on NCR, please visit our website: 

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Amy Willis MH, CTN


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