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As mentioned in Men’s Health I, there are 4 main areas of wellness that should be considered with men, these are: the cardiovascular system and stress management, sleep habits, exercise support, and prostate and sexual health.  In today’s study, I will address the cardiovascular system and stress management. 

Cardiovascular System
There is much that has been written about men’s cardiovascular health.  Although diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle are important, in my practice, I have found that the main reasons for heart problems come from two things: parasites and emotions. 

Parasites – It seems that parasites seem to gravitate to the heart.  Some time ago, I had a client bring her grandson to see me because he would get short of breath while playing basketball.  She was sure it was a heart problem. I did my regular testing and found that she was right and that parasites were an issue.  It didn’t take long to get rid of the parasites, and along with other measures, the teenager got better quickly.  There are many other instances like this, but often the problem with men is that usually, they only come after there’s been considerable damage done, and they are on quite a bit of medication.

Solution:  Take Parasite Formula for one month at least twice a year.

Emotions & the Heart – The symbol of the heart represents deep emotions.  Men often can have difficulty expressing or even recognizing their own feelings.  This usually stems from childhood where boys are encouraged to be strong and be a man. Societal pressure also encourages men to not show their weaker feelings. They are taught to bottle up their emotions, because “Big boys don’t cry!”  Because of this, men may end up experiencing their feelings through physical complaints, such as headaches, tightness in chest, stomach aches, backaches, and such.   In the book, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, the author lists most health challenges and their accompanying emotional condition.  For the heart, the emotional components are:

  • Violating the laws of love (knowingly or unknowingly)
  • Feelings of compassion or rejection being blocked
  • Feelings of resentment and/or hurt
  • Not feeling approval from others
  • Upsetting family problems
  • Having a difficult time forgiving (including self)
  • Wanting release from responsibility
  • In a relationship that hurts [1]

Solution:  Having a supportive partner that understands and accepts him for who he is, and where he can express his feelings without judgement or criticism.  This is an easy solution, but not always readily available.  

Stress Management
Stress can be defined as any type of change that causes physical, emotional, or psychological strain [2]. Stress is our body’s response to anything that requires attention or action. Stress can come from different sources, such as, work, relationships, environment, or lifestyle.

According to VeryWellMind, in the article, What is Stress, November 7, 2022, there are mainly 4 different types of stress.  The harmful types of stress are acute stress, chronic stress, and episodic acute stress.   Acute stress is usually brief, chronic stress is prolonged, and episodic acute stress is short-term but frequent. Positive stress, known as eustress, can be fun and exciting, but it can also take a toll [2].

Serious acute stress can trigger heart problems, such as arrhythmias or heart attack, and even sudden death, usually when a person already has an underlying heart condition.  Prolonged stress can lead to burn out, anxiety, and depression.  Chronic stress wears on the body causing the autonomic nervous system to be overactive, which over time can damage the body.

Solution: Take one day off a week to completely relax the mind and body.  This is why God provided us for a day of rest. We need it.

The information here is by no means comprehensive, but I hope it has been helpful. 
For both the heart and stress issues, several clients have found Emotional Stress Release to be helpful.  

We’re here to help YOU!
Amy Willis MH, CTN

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