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We are back on our cancer series. It will not be possible to explain here in detail the full extent of the prevention of cancer, but I want to at least speak on some of the main issues.

According to Dr. Clark’s research, a series of events take place in the forming of cancer. In order to prevent and rid the body of cancer, these issues must be addressed.

The Beginning Formation

The beginning starts in the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. A tiny tissue explosion takes place and little bits and pieces of these are floating away in the body’s fluids. No white blood cells will eat them unless they are dead. To kill them, Complement (an arm of our immune system), has to arrive.

To complicate things, the hypothalamus and pituitary cells fuse and form duplexes. Then tissue erosion of the pancreas begins and these cells begin to float free. Now, the duplexes fuse with the pancreas cells to make triplets. Complement must try to kill all triplets, as well as duplexes and single cells. Finally, there is no more complement. Then, these cells fill the body fluids: saliva, blood, lymph, and cerebrospinal fluid.

Then a fourth organ will begin its micro-explosion and join the others in the circulating body fluids. This then becomes the “primary tumor”.

In order to prevent cancer, we need to stop one of the links in this progression that leads to cancer. There are chemicals that cause the destruction or explosion of the three glands mentioned above. According to Dr. Clark, if we stop even one of these steps, we can prevent cancer. (See below)


Since parasites and heavy metals play a part in cancer according to the book, The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers, these issues must be addressed. Here is how you can deal with these:

1. Do a parasite cleanse twice a year. Use one 2 oz. bottle
2. Do a heavy metal cleanse, one of the best is the Vacuum Cleanse. Another is Heavy Mineral Bugleweed.
3. Clean the liver at least once a year. Herbs4You Liver Tincture is very effective. Some people may need to do more than this.
4. Take Juice Plus+, there is much clinical research regarding its effectiveness in preventing cancer and disease in general. Juice Plus+ also fills the gap in our diet to providing us with fruits & vegis that we lack.
5. Drink pure water. Regular tap can be deadly.
6. Take an herbal anti-cancer tea or tincture at least twice a year, depending on your condition and health. We have several formulas for this at Herbs4You.
7. Do a juice fast once or twice a year.

Chemicals to Avoid

Hypothalamus – Chlorogenic Acid
Foods Containing Chlorogenic Acid:

  • potatoes, except sweet potatoes
  • cow’s milk and all dairy products, except goat milk
  • peppers of all kinds, except jalapefto seeds
  • unripe fruits of many kinds, watermelon
  • coffee and regular tea

For potatoes, thorough cooking destroys chlorogenic acid, but frying does not. The food list for chlorogenic acid is not perfectly complete, but avoiding these gives excellent results. In five days no more hypothalamus single cells can be found in the body.

Pituitary – Phloridzin
Foods Containing Phloridzin:

  • apples, except Red Delicious and Golden Delicious, both very ripe
  • pork, ham and derivatives
  • soy products including oil
  • unripe fruits of many kinds
  • bananas with any tinge of green at the ends
  • cauliflower, kohlrabi (all raw)
  • cashews, dark green zucchini (all raw)
  • amaranth, millet (uncooked)

After avoiding all foods on the phloridzin list for five days, we again find no single cells or fragments of the pituitary gland in the blood or lymph. Success is swift. Neither duplexes nor triplets can be found. We have stopped the formation of tumor nuclei as we had hoped.

Pancreas – Gallic Acid
Foods Containing Gallic Acid:

  • grains of all kinds, treated for longer shelf life with antioxidant preservatives
  • oils of all kinds, treated to prevent rancidity (antioxidant)
  • flour, enriched and bleached
  • chickens fed supplementary rations and their eggs
  • cows milk and dairy products
  • most maple syrup

I recommend further research. For more information:

These protocols are for everyone who wants to prevent getting cancer. Next week, I will deal in more detail what a person can do IF they already have cancer. Please contact me if you have any questions or needs.

We’re here to help YOU!
Amy Willis MH, CTN

1.  Dr. Hulda Clark, The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers, pages 31-45

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Master Herbalist, Board Certified Naturopath
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