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Structural Signs that Show You May Need NCR

There are some notable signs that indicate that you would benefit by having NCR:

  • Eyebrows not even on face; one eyebrow higher than the other

  • Eyes not even

  • One eye larger than the other

  • Eyes too close or too far apart

  • Ears not even

  • One ear sticks out more than the other

  • Narrow jaw

  • Crooked teeth (with some children, NCR may eliminate the need for braces)

  • Broken or crooked nose

  • Oblong or narrow skull shape

  • Head protruding forward

These are only some of the structural signs that indicate that NCR would benefit you, but if you have any of the above complaints, you may want to seriously consider NCR.

Neurocranial Restructuring Testimonial

 “I first came to see Dr. Eversage when I was 28 years old. I hurt all over and had bad headaches all the time. It started when I fell on my head as a 2 year old. I can never remember a time when I did not have a back ache. The treatments were not easy for me. They caused such a reaction that Dr. Eversage would have to hold me up and help me into the next room and put me on a bed where I would stay for a few hours with nausea, headaches, clammy sweat, no energy, tired, weak, and almost passing out. After some time of lying there my wife would help me get up and I’d practically crawl to the buggy and go home. It was hard on me.

Frankly, I had my doubts if the treatment was doing anything for me. I didn’t feel better and if anything the treatment stirred things up and made me feel worse. This went on for 6 weeks. Dr. Eversage said that the effects of the treatment would continue to unwind for a long time after he left. And was he ever right.

After 6 weeks, I began to see changes. I really think it did a lot of good after all. I am not having any back problems like I used to. I am not having any headaches any more. The shape of my head has really changed. My head is bigger so I had to get a bigger hat. I think my head was crunched together before. My whole body is different and it has gotten larger as well. I just seem healthier all over. When I go out to work in the fields I move better. There is no headache or backache and I have more energy. When I go to church or out into the community people ask me, “are you first name, last name?” People didn’t recognize me as my body and looks had changed so much.

Dr. Eversage said it was like when you have an animal or child that is not doing well. Then you do something where they change and start to grow and thrive. Well, NCR changed me so much that I began to finally thrive after almost 30 years. I have more energy now and feel much better, now, than when I was a teenager. I can work better, longer, and harder than when I was younger. I am a new man and I have NCR to thank for it.”

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