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Summer is a great time for wholesome foods, and berries are wonderful at enhancing our health.  They really are super-foods and we should enjoy their benefits on a regular basis.

At Herbs4You, we have a great power packed Wild Berry Powder that can be added to Smoothies or mixed in water or juice. The berries in this mix are some of the most nutritious.  Our Wild Berry Powder is easy to use and very concentrate as we don’t add anything to it.  Here is a run down of what is in it.



    Acai berries are a great superfood. Many properties are attributed to Acai berry such as anti-aging, improved circulation, weight loss, and a powerful antioxidant.  Acai berries are also anti-inflammatory and are said to help with digestion, and may help manage the symptoms of IBS.

Hawthorne Berry
    Hawthorne Berries are known as the heart herb. Historically, they have been used to regulate high and low blood pressure, arrhythmic heartbeat, and irregular pulse, prevents hardening of the arteries, treat arteriosclerosis, and cool inflammation of the heart muscle. Used regularly, it can strengthen the heart muscle and the nerves to the heart. No other herb provides the same nourishing regeneration to the heart. It is best to use with, or just after meals.

    Bilberry is a cousin of the American blueberry and cranberry, and closely resembles a  huckleberry.  It is known for helping eyesight. Bilberries contain a potent type of flavonoid antioxidant called anthocyanosides. This antioxidant has been shown to support the cardiovascular system and eye health.  This fruit also has marvelous anti-aging properties, and is becoming more important to the aging populations of the world.

  Noni is an amazing superfruit.  It is very high in antioxidants, and is said to help fight pain associated with tumors.   It also combats inflammation and boosts immunity.  Some studies show that it reduces cholesterol and repairs cellular damage.

Camu Camu
   Camu Camu is known for it’s high Vitamin C content , some say that 1 teaspoon of camu has over 1000 per cent of your body’s requirement for vitamin C. It is also rich in other minerals.The  benefits of camu camu are impressive. These include its ability to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, protect against chronic diseases, detoxify the body,reduce mood swings, promote eye health,  prevent viral infections, protect the sexual organ system, and prevent cognitive disorders.

   Rosehips are not only  high in vitamin C, but there are also a lot of other health benefits.   It is said to help regulate blood pressure and enhance blood circulation.  It is also good for the heart and is said to help reduce inflammation.  It has been used to help arthritic conditions and help reduce pain in joints and hips.


With all these great fruits, our Wild Berry Powder offers a powerful nutritional punch. Click here to view this product on our website!

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