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Centuries ago, there was a system called the “doctrine of signatures” that identified the properties of plants. This was made into a book, and was used as a guide for people to better understand the unique properties of each plant in order to know how to use them to their benefit. By taking note of the plant’s appearance and differences in size, color, shape, and texture, as well as preferred living conditions and behaviors, we can start to see a complete picture of what this plant is all about.

What unfolds is a personality to the plant, an essence, a “signature”. They bring a gift into the world, to perform a healing action or to fight against a threat. They were put on the earth to be of service to us, to be used and valued. Learning the signatures of flowers is an especially fun and interesting way to connect with nature when we learn their unique personalities!

Plant Habitats

Does the plant like to grow in moist or dry soil? In the shade, or in the sun? By the water, or in the forest? Plants have different preferences of where they like to grow and where they thrive. Plants that like to grow in damp areas tend to help with colds and coughs. Plants that want a lot of sun generally bring heat and dryness to the body, while plants that like the shade tend to be cooling to the body. If it grows near a pond or stream, then it may likely be used as a diuretic that cleanses the urinary tract. If it grows out of rocks or gravel, then it tends to be good at removing stones from the body. If it grows in thin, distressed soil, then it is strong-willed and determined, and will likely have a strengthening effect on the body. Plants that grow in isolation will generally need to be treated with more caution than plants that grow near people, which will likely be safe and widely used. [3]

Plant Properties

If you look at comfrey up close, it looks like tiny skin cells. Comfrey is a common plant used to treat skin conditions because of its amazing ability to repair damaged skin cells. Plants with long roots that look like veins will often will be used to treat issues involving the nervous system. Plants with hollow stems help clean our “pipes” such as bronchial tubes. Perennials have strong earth energy and therefore have roots that are used medicinally for their high nutrient content. Annuals that need to be re-planted every year lack earth energy and are therefore more helpful in improving one’s outlook and uplifting their mood, with the medicinal benefits more concentrated near the top of the plant in the flower or leaves. [3]



At Herbs4You, we sell the following flower essences. Let’s look at their unique signatures:

Iris- stabilizes our electromagnetic energy field when we are out of balance and experience fatigue, wooziness, or feel disoriented or “out of sorts”, especially when due to a disruptive environment, such as EMF radiation. [6]

Pink Wild Honeysuckle- to help those who feel stuck in the past, either in nostalgia, or in focusing on what has gone wrong by bringing happiness, excitement, and playfulness into the present moment. [4]

Dandelion- Because dandelion is always in the sun absorbing its energy, this essence helps to align the liver and gallbladder to the energy of the sun, clearing out any toxic energy such as anger. [6]

Strawberry- Helps feel pride and dignity when self-esteem is low, feel guilt-ridden, or unworthy of happiness due to early childhood experiences with physical or emotional abuse. [5] 


Spirea- When it is hard to let your guard down and show others your true feelings, or when you feel as though you must protect your heart and do not let others get too close to you, spirea helps to feel safe enough to be open and express your true self. [6]

Lily-of-the-Valley- Restores the communication circuits between the brain, heart, and body so healing and awareness building can take place. [6]  

Lilac- Cleansing of toxic or old energies from the past and old ways of being, and uplifts us to feel the joy in every moment. [1]

Daisy- Helps us to remain calm, cool, and collected when faced with a stressful situation. May help us to stay centered and be able to collect our thoughts. [2] 

We also make custom essences for those who come in for a Mind-Body Wellness Consultation! Adding a flower essence to your daily routine is an easy way to make a positive impact on your mental and emotional health. Contact the office to learn more!

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