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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is effective for many people because emotions like fear, anxiety, depression, and anger become trapped in the body until we are able to consciously acknowledge and accept them, and are able to understand the thought that created that belief. Until the mind and body are on the same page and working together, that energy will remain there, signaling to you that this is a problem. When communication is restored and everything is working together, you experience a feeling of vitality. Energy can then flow freely throughout the body, giving all the cells their needed energy to perform their functions.

Tapping helps us to identify the origin of the wrong beliefs that create miscommunication or blocks in communication between the mind and the heart. Tapping also helps us to then release the emotional charge that goes along with that belief. Tapping signals to the brain that it can delete outdated programming and replace it with new thoughts that create positive feelings and a sense of vitality.


Christian Perspective
From a Christian perspective, EFT shows us when we have interpreted information from a filter of pain and judgement rather than love and acceptance. When we see ourselves, others, and the world through God’s eyes, we are able to see their value, worth, and beauty, and become more tolerant of their imperfections. When we make the choice to see through God’s eyes, we are telling our body that we are willing to let go of any ungodly beliefs and emotions residing in our mind and heart. If we seek Him in this way, then He will “clean” us out of all that needs to go, helping us to release this energy and identify the errors in our ways. This leaves us feeling freed of the chains that kept us bound to fear, anxiety, depression, and anger. For more on this topic, visit CWG Ministries.


At Home Use
Creating a script is an effective way to use EFT at home. You write down the words that you want to say so you can remember them as you go through the tapping points so you can focus more on how you feel as you’re saying it. You may create a different affirmation for each tapping point, or you can create just one to use on all the points. There is no one “right” way to do EFT. It is meant to be very personal and meaningful to each individual, therefore it will be different for everyone. To help with the process of creating affirmations, here are some examples:

Physical Ailment

  • Even though I have ____(specific physical pain; ex. pain in my neck)      , I fully and completely accept myself, just as You, Jesus accept me.
  • I am listening to my body.
  • I appreciate and love my body.
  • My body is a marvelous, magnificent design, and I treat it with respect.
  • I provide my body with what it needs, so it can provide for me and meet my needs.
  • My body is designed to heal.


Emotional Ailment

  • Even though I feel _   (ex. angry, scared, frustrated)   _, I fully and completely accept myself. 
  • I release this debt that is owed to me and forgive _________(person) for _________(act).
  • Help me see this from your eyes, Lord.
  • I release my anger at you Lord for allowing this to happen ____________.
  • I see and accept the brokenness in others.
  • I see and accept the brokenness within myself.
  • I am worthy of love.
  • I accept love from myself.
  • I am compassionate and understanding towards myself.
  • I release the need to be perfect.

Many of these affirmations are taken from the CWG Ministries source referenced above. This site also mentions that tapping can last anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes long. Listen to your body and tap until you feel better rather than focusing on how long you are doing it or if you’re doing it correctly. If you would like to talk more about this topic, don’t hesitate to schedule a Mind & Body Wellness Consultation.

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