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Mask Mandate in Sioux Falls 

This Tuesday, the City Council will be meeting and deciding on a mask mandate for Sioux Falls.  I urge you to contact Sioux Falls City Council members and compel them to NOT mandate masks.  Below is information Why this is not in our best interest.

This is NOT a simple matter.  A mask is considered a medical device, and wearing a mask is participating in a medical procedure.  If we allow ourselves to be forced to comply to a medical procedure against our will, where will this lead to?  Dangerous vaccinations, forced surgery, mandated chemo therapy, forced mental health treatment,  mandated birth control and abortions, and in the end euthanasia.  This is all happening in other countries, NOW it will be American’s turn, IF we do not stand up against such outrageous control.   

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The Healthy American  –  resource for information

Emergency Orders Unlawful

Judge declares Newson’s Emergency Orders Unlawful    

“No Emergency Suspends The Law” – Is “No Mask” a policy or a choice?

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(About the health concerns in wearing a mask)
The Truth about wearing a mask 
     by  David Christopher, M.H.
(June 15,2020 Newsletter)


      Masks have definite benefits in filtering out particulates and diminishing expulsions.  However there are no scientific studies promoting the efficacy of wearing masks to prevent viral infections.  Dr. Russell Blaylock, nationally recognized board certified neurosurgeon, references 17 of the best related studies, none of which conclude a relationship between mask use and protection against influenza infection.(1)  Viruses are so small that expecting a mask to block them is like expecting a chain link fence to keep out mosquitos.

Clearly a mask can stop viral laden sputum and other mucoid expulsions on its surface.  However, consider that the Co2 buildup in the space of a mask limits oxygen inhalation. This creates a need for forceful inhalation which will pull the virus through the sputum and the mask directly into your nasal passages and lungs.

It is well known that surgical masks and especially the N95 masks cause significant hypoxia (reduced blood oxygenation) and an increase in hypercapnia (elevation in blood Co2 levels).  In this environment your immune system is impaired, specifically it inhibits the CD4+ T- lymphocytes involved in the first line of defense.  In other words,

You are more likely to be infected with a virus if you wear a mask.

Beyond the diminished oxygen availability and the increased Co2 exposure, the chance of getting infected or infecting others with COVID or any communicable disease is virtually zero. Let’s also consider the people wearing masks while driving alone in their cars.   Who are they protecting?  Do they realize the dangers of mask induced hypoxia (i.e. passing out) and the accidents that have resulted and that could kill them and others?  I have heard that masks are worn to keep the elderly safe and to protect the immune compromised.  I say it gives them a false sense of security and puts them in greater danger.

Never in the history of world pandemics has society quarantined the healthy, endangered the vulnerable, and censored the truth about nutrients’ role in viral mitigation as has been the case in this pandemic.  When the number of COVID cases were at their peak W.H.O., CDC, and the renowned Dr. Fauci were telling us not to wear masks and that they wouldn’t do any good.  Now that all the curves are flat, and the death toll is dropping we’re told that everyone needs masks.  No reason, no science, no proof, no benefit.

I suggest we adopt some common sense, gain knowledge, get back to normal.  Read Dr. Blaylocks’ full, well documented article. 

These are members at large
You should also contact your district’s member

Janet Brekke   367-8808    [email protected]

Crista Erickson   367-8818   [email protected]

Alex Jensen   367-6393   [email protected]


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