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The History of our country is at stake on all levels: political, religious, moral, economy, health, and socially.  Truly our Freedoms are being challenged and taken away, and unless we stand and fight for them, we WILL lose them.  

     Regardless, of the personality of the candidates, we need to focus our attention on Facts.  Here I want to give you some information so that you can weigh matters in the light of Truth and Facts and then decide where you stand.  In order to know what a candidate will do, we must check out two important factors:  1) what they have done  2) what they believe


Trump’s Accomplishments
President Trump’s accomplishments clearly show that he will fight for our religious freedoms.



  • On February 22, the Department of Education, in conjunction with the Department of Justice (DOJ) rescinded Obama’s guidance that required public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms and showers of their choice.
  • On May 4, President Trump signed an Executive Order Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty (known as the “Religious Liberty Executive Order”), broadly setting forth religious liberty as a policy priority of the administration, and requiring all federal agencies to take action to protect it. The order also more specifically addressed conscience protections, forthcoming guidance from the DOJ, and religious liberty in the context of free speech.
  • On September 7, DOJ filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court defending the religious freedom rights of baker Jack Phillips in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. This filing is representative of other actions defending religious freedom taking place throughout the Trump administration DOJ.
  • On October 6, DOJ issued guidance and an implementing memo (as instructed by the Religious Liberty Executive Order) to all federal agencies explaining religious freedom law and how religious liberty must be protected. This guidance laid out a broad defense of religious liberty based on multiple statutes and provided each federal agency with guidelines for protecting religious liberty.
  • Also on October 6, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) proposed two regulations to deal with the Obamacare “HHS contraceptive mandate” that had for years violated conscience and religious liberty. These new regulations exempt organizations that have moral or religious objections to purchasing insurance that includes coverage of contraceptives and abortion-causing drugs and devices.

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Republican Party Platform

The Republican platform in general stands for Law and Order, Justice, responsibility, morality, marriage integrity between one man and one woman, the life of the unborn, the right to defend and protect oneself, personal privacy, Freedom of religion,  freedom of speech, and in general the principles that our Founding Fathers based our nation on.

Democratic Party Platform

The Democratic party platform in general stands for socialistic governmental control from cradle to grave.  It supports our tax dollars paying for abortion, homosexual marriages, more taxes, and larger government.

I trust this has been helpful.  

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