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With the first outbreaks of C—d, many are said to have developed Pneumonia, and died.  Yet, Dr. Bryan Ardis, says that this is not the truth.

    In his interview by a group of attorneys, Dr. Ardis explains why those who died of C—d were actually poisoned.

Remdesivir recommended for Treatment

At the beginning of C—d, Dr. Fauci recommended the use of Remdesivir for treatment.  Doctors followed this advise, and in New York, doctors were alarmed that those with C—d were getting kidney failure.  Viruses don’t cause kidney failure, it was totally unusual.  . . .  except that Remdesivir  is known to cause kidney failure.  

Misdiagnose of Pneumonia

The kidney failure then brought on water retention, including water in the lungs. According to Dr. Ardis, this caused difficulty breathing, and eventually Patients developed Pulmonary Edema NOT pneumonia. It is easy to misdiagnose between these two conditions as the symptoms are similar.  Dr. Ardis explains that the difference between Pneumonia and Pulmonary Edema can be seen in x-rays.  With pneumonia, there are cauliflower shapes in the lungs, whereas with Pulmonary Edema, the lungs fill with water.  The difference can easily be seen in x-rays.

This is why C–d deaths mainly happen in the hospitals, they were poisoned with Remdesivir and misdiagnosed with Pneumonia.   

Here is the full video:  What Really Happened. 

So what can you and your loved ones do.  Here are some suggestions.

  • Avoid hospitals.  This is where most of the deaths have occurred.
  • If you have a loved one that died of C—d, with pneumonia, first find out if Remdesivir was used in their treatment.  Then an autopsy can be done to find out if they died from Pulmonary Edema.  
  • If they died from Pulmonary Edema, file a lawsuit.  This malpractice MUST be stopped.
  • If you or anyone you know gets C—d, do NOT use Remdesivir.  
  • Send this information far and wide, so people know and understand the danger.
  • Watch the above video


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