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Covid Webinar       by Amy Willis, M.H.,CN

December 7th, Tuesday
7:00 ~ 9:00 pm                                                                                        


          Be Prepared!
   Be Ready!  Don’t be a Casualty!
  This is a Zoom Class that you can take from the comfort of your home.

People are dying. 
Is it Covid or is it the Shot that is causing the spike in deaths?  What about those who are getting Covid, but they did not get the Jab?  What are people really dying from?  Is there an increase in strokes?  In this class, I will cover many aspects of what is going on, and what YOU need to do to avoid being a casualty. 
Topics to be covered: What is C—d and what it is NOT.
Are a lot of people dying?What are Spike Proteins and what they do.
How to get rid of Spike Proteins. 
What you need to know about Graphene oxide and how to get rid of it.
What are people dying from?
Can the damage of the C—d shot be reversed?
Infection vs Poisoning
How to get rid of nano-technology in you.
Demonstration of Muscle-Testing to find: spike proteins, graphene oxide, and blood clots
Do you have blood clots forming in you.
Simple things to do to prevent transmission of spike proteins.
Amy Willis is a Master Herbalist by the School of Natural Healing.  She is also a certified Naturopath from the American Naturopathic Medical Association.  She is the owner and founder of Herbs4You and has been serving the community for 10 years.  


To sign up for the class visit our website  at:   Herbs4You 
or you can call our office at :  605-254-1437

Cost:  $45

Send this to friends and family that you care about so that they can be equipped to handle what we are experiencing.  Since this is an online seminar, it is available to people out of state as well.  Hope to see you there!


We’re Here to Help YOU!
Amy Willis, M.H., CN


About the Author

Amy Willis M.H.

Master Herbalist
Amy is the Owner and Founder of Herbs4You. She is a Master Herbalist from the School of Natural Healing. Amy has 30 years experience with herbs and 15 years experience muscle