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Using naturopathic medicine therapies like thermography and live blood analysis, we get a better understanding of the state of our health in this Covid-era. The findings may shock you!

Thermography is the use of heat sensing infrared technology to detect heat patterns and blood flow, and helps us locate any health concerns or abnormalities within the body. This method is a non-invasive way to detect blood clots. A Brazilian biologist and medical researcher Felipe Reitz has recently released his findings of blood clots in C—d injected individuals as young as two years old using thermographic imaging. Even more concerning is that many of these people were asymptomatic. 

Live Blood Analysis
Along with thermographic imaging, live blood analysis was conducted on C—d injected individuals with blood clots. What they found was that these blood clots were not like typical blood clots. These blood clots had a different structure that could potentially contain graphene hydroxide or nanostructures of other metals. 

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As we continue to study the effects of the C—d shot, the use of naturopathic medicine will only become more popular. At Herbs4You, we are dedicated to educating you on evidence-based naturopathic medicine, and will keep you updated on the latest therapies being used to uncover Truth.

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