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This week we are spotlighting Milk Thistle, a “Mother of an Herb” because of its impressive healing properties, strength, and beauty!

Milk Thistle
Ironically, this spikey thistle has many amazing healing properties, including: supporting liver health and detoxification, promoting healthy skin, reducing cholesterol, supporting weight loss, reducing insulin resistance, improving asthma symptoms, helping stop the spread of cancer, preventing bone loss, providing increased resistance to oxidative stress, and supporting the immune system. The most common use of milk thistle is for liver conditions. The active ingredient is called silymarin and helps protect the liver by stopping toxins from attaching to the liver cells, and stops free radicals from causing damage. There is much scientific evidence to support the healing properties of milk thistle.

Doctrine of Signatures
Let’s look at milk thistle’s Doctrine of Signatures to learn more about this important herb. The Doctrine of Signatures was created in the 1600’s as a way to understand the healing properties of plants before modern science could study and understand them. Clues about a plant’s healing properties can be discovered by closely observing its qualities such as appearance, environment, properties, and behaviors. These traits paint a picture of the plant’s personality or signature.

Milk thistle is likely named ‘milk’ thistle because its leaves contain a milky substance. Milk thistle is also known as lady’s thistle or St. Mary’s thistle. Just like a woman’s breast milk contains life-sustaining nutrients to care for her baby, milk thistle nurtures, soothes, and protects many organs and bodily systems. It is very strong and adaptable, and is drought resistant. Mothers are known to be strong, adaptable, and resilient, yet at the same time, be soft, nurturing, and supportive. You see these qualities when you look at milk thistle. It is a beautiful plant with a vibrant purple flower, but has spikes at the base of the flower and all the way down the stem, showing its beauty and toughness!

Milk Thistle Products
At Herbs4You, we carry several products containing milk thistle including: Serotonin Tea, Liver Tincture, Liver Herbal Mix, Dr. Herb-al’s Hemp Face Cream, Dr. Herb-al’s Hemp Eye Cream, Dr. Herb-al’s Hemp Rub-A-Bud Salve, and Dr. Herb-al’s Hemp Body Lotion. Stop into the office or schedule a phone consultation to learn more about this “mother of an herb” for your personal health needs!

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