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There is a good possibility that your kitchen cupboard contains a spice that could produce miracles.  The hot fruit of the cayenne plant (capsicum annum) may be one of the most valuable medicinal herbs in the plant world. 


  Historically, it has been used to improve  digestion, help regularity, stimulate organs, aids in rebuilding varicose conditions, destroy cancer cells, help in weight loss, assists in lowering cholesterol, and has been used to stop a heart attack!

Cayenne is high in vitamins A, C, B-complex, calcium and potassium.   It has been shown to rebuild the tissue in the stomach and help the peristaltic action in the intestines. Cayenne also acts as a catalyst and increases the effectiveness of other herbs[1].

Cayenne’s Multiple Uses 

Nosebleed  Take 1 teaspoon of cayenne, preferably in hot water. This will stop most nosebleeds very quickly, usually by the time you count to 10! This works on the principle of the stimulant (cayenne), traveling through the entire blood stream, equalizing the pressure in the head as well as the feet. This takes the heavy pressure off the hemorrhaging area and allows for a quick coagulation. [3]

Onset of a Cold Cayenne warms the body and stimulates the release of mucous from the respiratory passages. Cayenne pepper raises the body temperature as it stimulates circulation and blood flow to the skin. Herbs that promote fever and sweating are considered to have a diaphoretic (sweat producing) action which helps reduce fever and relieves congestion of colds and sinusitis. [1]

Varicose Veins  Due to its high vitamin C content, bioflavonoids, cayenne can naturally boost blood circulation and reduce symptoms of varicose veins. Cayenne taken internally, as well as external salves containing cayenne can greatly improve varicosities. [5]

Sudden Heart Attack  Use 1 teaspoon of cayenne in a cup of hot water and have the person drink the full cup. However, it is best to have a bottle of cayenne tincture on hand. Place 2 droppers of tincture under the tongue to start with, and call 911. Cayenne has been proven time and again to assist in saving lives. [3]

Cayenne and Cancer  A 2004 study performed at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine treated pancreatic cells with capsaicin (the active ingredient in cayenne). They found that it disrupted mitochondrial function and induce apoptosis (programmed cell death) in cancer cells without affecting normal pancreatic cells. Researchers in Japan showed that cayenne pepper can dramatically slow the development of prostate tumors[1].

High cholesterol and BP  Cayenne will lower blood cholesterol levels, thereby helping to reduce blood pressure. In one study, separate groups of rats were fed diets high in cholesterol with or without ground cayenne or capsaicin, for seven weeks. Both cayenne and capsaicin prevented rise in liver cholesterol levels, and increased fecal excretions of free cholesterol. These findings show that cayenne prevented the absorption of cholesterol. Interestingly, it was also found that cayenne was more effective than capsaicin on all counts, indicating that the use of isolated constituents may ignore the beneficial effects of the principles of using the whole herb. [2]

Cayenne in fat metabolism  Capsicum has been linked to increased metabolism of fat. People that eat spicy foods also tend to eat less due to the heat that is created in the body. The Capsaicin binds receptors that send warning signals to the brain that there is something hot in the mouth. The brain reacts by releasing endorphins and dopamine which gives the spicy food a euphoric effect. [4]

       At Herbs4You, several of our signature products contain cayenne, as mentioned above, used as a catalyst to enhance other herbs in doing their jobs. We also carry cayenne tincture, which is nice to have on hand for unexpected emergencies. Many of our tried and true Dr. Christopher line of herbal supplements contain cayenne as well. 


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Sue Froschheuser M.H.

Sue Froschheuser M.H.

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